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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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f0 hi, everybody. 4:30. this is the news on cbs4, tuesday, 29th of november. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. colorado weather can deliver almost anything, and yesterday we had a ra in the high country snowfall. it caused a big crash that halted traffic on i-70 over vail pass. but there you see it, a tail of two different stories there. >> wow. what a picture. that is amazing. let's find out what you can expect, here's ashton. >> good morning. fire and ice is definitely right. today things are going to really calm down, particularly in that ice category in the high country with the snow
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winter weather advisories will come to an end at 5:00 a.m. sun will be up at 7:00. temperatures in the 20s here in the denver area. that's honestly not bad compared to where we'll be in the morning, each morning going forward starting tomorrow through the end of the week. mountains, single digits and teens to get this tuesday started. you can see what i'm talking about with everything winding down in the colorado high country. there are still a few snowflakes up there. nothing that will cause additional major problems in the high country. we still have snow packed we'll get over to joel in just a moment. today in denver mostly cloudy skies up and down the front range. temperatures will get no higher than about 41. that is deceiving, because of the wind that we'll experience today. wind gusts up to around 30 miles per hour. even though we could hit 41 in the afternoon, factor in the
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cooler. vail pass was closed for a period of time last night, it's still reopened. chain and passenger restrictions in place. you can see the tracks of the tires. of course you'll have that wind blowing the snow back onto the highway. u.s. six over loveland pass is open. across the denver metro area? a lot of green. we have seen some slowing along c-470 where they've been doing along i-225, i-70 heading out to the airport should be a great drive. there is word five survivors in the crash of a plane in colombia. a charter flight carrying 81 people, including a soccer team crashed. the pilot declared an emergency because of an electrical failure.
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has made the rescue effort difficulty. fire crews reacted quickly when the fire sparked grass and the wind spread it quickly last night on green mountain. it could be seen for miles. it had people living nearby scrambling to get enough belongings in case they had to evacuate when the fire moved down the mountain. >> are you thinking about loading these trucks up, getting now? what's going through your mind? >> i don't know. i haven't heard anything from anybody, what's going on. how close it is. >> have you seen the flames? >> oh, yeah, they're all over. >> we are still awaiting ward on what -- word on what caused that fire. 5700 block of logan a man shot a police officer. a man showed up at a hospital
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it's being investigated as a homicide after that man died. no word on how that shooting happened or why. fires in tennessee are so bad people are now evacuated in the gatlinburg area. firefighters were going door to door as the fire spread across the great smoky mountains national park known for the fog for moisture. but this time, they're very dry. about 30 structures, including a 16 story hotel are by the fire. it is burning on the edge of dolly wood as well, the theme park owned by dolly parton. wind gusts as high as 70 are keeping that fire moving. there are trees down in old growth forest that's led to power outages all over the area. >> it is hard to leave your home, but as we say, homes can be replaced, and nothing is
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to en-- law enforcement comes through to enact evacuations, we urge people to heed those evacuation orders. that's one less area the firefighters has to worry about being victims trapped. >> air quality advisories up as well. thankfully, some rain is expected there today. we are learning more about two deadly shootings in denver. one was a deadly case of road afternoon. a driver was shot and killed near kentucky and federal. a man was taking too long at a stopsign and the driver behind him honked. when the man gave him the middle finger, the other driver shot and killed him. that driver is also a suspect in a deadly shooting furs at 43rd and fillmore. this man david garcia is facing
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university campus. police shot and killed the suspect. >> reporter: students at ohio state university came together in prayer last night. many had memories of monday's campus rampage fresh on their minds. >> we were moved to a classroom in the basement that was black. kind of scary, because we couldn't get service in the basement. >> reporter: people on campus barricaded emselves in classrooms, moments after police say the suspect intentionally rammed his car into a group of people outside. >> just hit everybody who was in front. i think i saw three or four students being hit. >> reporter: authorities say the somali refugee got out of the vehicle with a butcher knife and began stabbing onlookers. >> all patients and alert and oriented, but severe bleeding out of some of them. >> reporter: a police officer is credited with ending the
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this situation in less than a minute. >> reporter: the suspect recently transferred to ohio state after obtaining his associate's degree from a community college in the spring. law enforcement officials are looking into a post he allegedly made on facebook shortly before the incident, saying he was sick of the way muslims were being treated. the school's president is urging people not to rush to judgment. >> we don't know anything that would link this to any community. we certainly don't have any evidence that would the case. >> reporter: so far officials have searched his car and apartment complex and are investigating the incident as a possible terror attack. hena daniels, cbs news. >> those injured in the attack include an ohio state faculty member, four graduate students and three undergraduates. all classes are back in session today. we want to get a look at business headlines before the opening bill. >> jill wagner joins us live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with your moneywatch report. good morning, jill.
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and britt. postelection wall street rally took a breather to start the week. the dow fell 54 points monday. nasdaq dropped 30. futures pointing to a higher open. thousands of workers expected to strike today, they're demanding better pay and benefits. employees at fast food restaurants, airports and hospitals will walk off the job. at&t is launching a streaming tv service tomorrow. it will offer up to channels, including espn, bloomburg and stars. taylor swift is getting her own show on the network. monthly subscriptions start at $35. the wall street journal says the new iphone could have a curved screen. apple has been under pressure to boost iphone sales. they've slowed down for the
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works. it's kind of touchy these days. >> we don't ask for much, jill. thank you. >> reporter: i see the bar has not been set -- >> not set very high at all. a year ago this week three people were killed in a deadly rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. last night one of them was honored at a ceremony at the university of colorado at colorado springs. our lauren dispirito has the story. >> reporter: it was at a basketball game a year ago when university officials first police officer garrett swasey, saying now it's only fitting to remember him and celebrate his life at the season home opener. at the university of colorado colorado springs, a ceremony to mark the last first in a year of painful firsts. the anniversary of campus police officer garrett swasey's death. before recognizing him at a basketball game, students and
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swasey's sacrifice with a candlelight vigil. >> celebrate swasey tonight and the police department, and be sure you celebrate first responders. >> reporter: last year swasey responded to the planned parenthood. he went to the scene. he is the first uccs campus police officer to be killed on duty. >> he didn't have to go and help. he did because he was a good officer and good man. it's really important. >> reporter: another man and a shooting and five law enforcement officers were hurt. at uccs, swasey is remembered for his character. >> he was a very strong, very pinnateed, but -- opinionated but also a good officer, served in his church community and here. >> reporter: after the game donations were collected for a
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name. lauren dispirito. 35 degrees in denver. full blast of snow hits parts of the midwest. who else is getting much needed snow right now.
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welcome back, everyone. this is the news in health and your heart is on the mind. doctors say preventing heart issues should start sooner rather than later. preventing risk factors mid- life can significantly reduce the chances of heart failure later on. researchers looked at data from people between 45 and 55 years
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and diabetes had a much lower risk for heart failure. maintaining a healthy weight and diet can reduce all those factors. a new study finds no link between having the flu during pregnancy and an increased risk of autism in children. kaiser students -- a wellness coach can boost the effectiveness of your activity tracker. most people in the study said the combination of active tracker and the coach helped them maintain their health goals even after the coaching stopped. north dakota gets hit with snow, locals say this is actually a late start for them. bismark could get more than a food of snow -- foot of snow. last year the deepest snow the
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the snow is expected to keep on falling until at least tomorrow. that's from the same storm system that's brought all the recent snow to our mountains. loveland snow stake showing about 2.5, maybe almost 3 inches at loveland. steamboat, at least 6, if not 7 overnight. the snow has come to an end for the most part in the colorado high countr around this morning. cold in the mountains. single digits and teens up there. meanwhile here in the denver area we're either at or below freezing. 32 in boulder. 26 at dia. and a pair of 34's for fort collins and greeley. we also have wind left over from yesterday's storm system. now it's honestly not that bad in the denver area, around 8 miles per hour. stronger in fort collins. take a look north of the state
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we'll watch that wind drop south through the front range region through the course of today, on the back side of this storm system, which is now spinning over minnesota. you can see that snow in the dakotas we were just looking at that video from. as this storm system just slowly moves away it will create that wind today. you will notice it. even though high temperatures could be up around 40 degrees this afternoon around denver, boulder and fort collins, these numbers are deceiving, because when you factor in the northerly wind, it will feel colder than 41 afternoon. expect windchills to likely stay in the 20s in the afternoon hours. winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour today. tomorrow sunshine comes back. high 42. thursday around 40 with partly sunny skies. then friday could end up being the coldest we've had so far this season, high only 32. for the weekend we're back up into the 40s with mostly sunny skies. what is seasonable now? >> about 44. all those numbers are below normal.
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long time. take a look as we speak above, up into the high country, i-70 has reopened over vail pass. but we still got icy and snowpacked conditions. campaign restrictions are -- chain restrictions here over vail pass to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. along 285 good drive this morning. nice and wide open. it may be icy in patches. across the denver metro area, i- 270, i-225 c-470 nice and wide open. a little bit of slowing in the westbound direction of c-470 getting past university. today there's going to be major delays up into the high country and those aren't weather- related. cdot crews will be doing rock scaling work. drivers should budget an extra two hours to get through the empire junction avenue. work will continue through tomorrow afternoon. the latest on the criminal investigation after the death
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trooper. veteran trooper cody donahue died after being hit by a truck after he worked the scene of an earlier crash over the weekend. rick salinger reports the district attorney says the case highlights a problem with the law. >> reporter: noe gamez-ruiz is described as distraught by his family. friday afternoon the troop happened. trooper cody donahue was investigating a previous accident when he was struck by the semi driven by ruiz. another state patrol officer said the truck swerved out of the driving lane. at this point ruiz is only facing misdemeanor charges of careless driving resulting in death and failure to yelled for an emergency vehicle. >> the way our laws are set up
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exceeded careless and become reckless, then the potential could be vehicular homicide, but we don't believe we have it. >> reporter: the investigation isn't over. video from the state patrol cameras and the truck itself are being looked at. >> they make no exception whether the person killed is a civilian or law enforcement in the line of duty. it makes cbs4 news. 2 cu football players will not take part in the pac 12 championship game after they were arrested for a fight outside a boulder bar. police arrested christopher hill and abdul awini early sunday morning. hill is facing misdemeanor assault chess and awini allegedly had cocaine in his
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broncos fans pointing fingers after sunday's overtime loss to kansas city. many fans wondering whether or not attempting a 62-yard line field goal in overtime was a smart idea. the broncos would have won the game if they made that. instead the chiefs got another shot and you know the rest. the players stand by coach's de. in the national football league. i'm cool. we going to play for a tie or trying to win the game? i'm 100% behind kub there. >> broncos have the day off today. they'll be back on the practice field wednesday morning getting set for sunday's game in
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good morning. pizza delivery is taking on a new percentages. it's not as fast as you may think, though. here's our jeanne moos with a look at the unusual delivery method. >> reporter: who needs reindeer? ? >> reporter: to deliver presents when they can deliver pizza. dominoes in japan says they're training rein school to deliver pizza in one of their snowiest regions. >>(translator): it can go as fast as 80-kilometers. it's especially fast on snow shoes. >> reporter: dominoes should expected lawsuits. >> grandma, watch out! ? grandma got run over by a
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to be having trouble reining in their deer, which would be equipped with gps. how do you say publicity stunt in japanese? >> publicity stunt. >> reporter: dominoes is no stranger to marketing employs. take the edible box u.k. dreamed up for april fools. last month in new zealand dominoes drone. it flew to the appointed address. company officials in new zealand says in the next couple of years drones could make up 25% of the delivery. and before the drone, dominoes in australia presented, the pizza delivery robot with a top speed of about 12 miles per hour. it can't take to the highway, but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles.
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is that tomato sauce making rudolph's nose red? ? rudolph the red nosed reindeer ? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn new york. coloradians are getting into the spirit with their homes decked out in holiday lights. you can enter your decked out home for a chance of a $500 gift card from mike's camera. if you want to vote, check out our entries on our facebook page and like the lights. 'l popular homes on cbs4 news as well. we'll give you a view. scientists are saying the great barrier reef has suffered its greatest ever coral dieoff this year. a nearly 400-mile stretch was found with almost 70% have died just in the past five months.
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warm ocean weather temperatures. some bleaching occurs naturally, scientists,, ,,
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,, joining us. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on tuesday, november 29th. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: we're live in a lakewood neighborhood where the green fire mountain kept residents up all night. evacuation orders have been lifted, but it's not quite over. we have the latest coming up on cbs4 morning news. it is expected to be a big day for the trump transition team. why vice president-elect mike


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